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This section of the site is an archive of blog posts from October 2011 to November 2015. If you're interested in what I've been working on since then check out my portfolio. If you're interested in what else I've been up to you can find me on Instagram.

Waddamana Power Station

In the geographical centre of Tasmania, up in the highlands, there's a turn off from the Highland Lakes Road that takes you 30km down a winding dirt road to an unexpected piece of industrial design history - the Waddamana Hydro-Electric Power Station. Or more precisely these days, the Waddamana Power Station Museum.

Inspired by an old dictionary

In November 2014 my lovely husband gave me an India Paper Edition of Webster’s New International Dictionary of the English Language published in 1919. It spurned the Dictionary Project, a series of images inspired by the words and definitions contained in the impossibly thin pages of this beautiful old book. The latest entry is inspired… Continue reading Inspired by an old dictionary