Autumn Bunny


It’s a few days before Easter and the shops are full of representations of bunnies and baby chickens, reminders that it’s spring in the northern hemisphere. Meanwhile, in this part of the world we’re heading into my favourite time of year. So my Easter bunny is an autumn bunny. She’s much more grown-up and savvy than a spring bunny. If she was chocolate she’d be the rich, dark, 85% cocoa variety.

~ Pav

Blocks and Sparkles

Blocks & Sparkles

Cities provide great little hidden pockets in which to shoot. It’s why you’ll often find me wandering the city streets with a camera, staring at walls and down alleyways that other people are just walking past. The hard bit is keeping them all catalogued in your head so that you can use them at the right time.

~ Pav



When we think of a portrait we often think of a picture which shows the subject’s face pointing roughly in the direction of the camera. It might be part of a full length shot, or a close up of their head and shoulders. Is a picture really a portrait if you can’t see the subject’s face? To me a portrait is a picture that tells a story about a person, regardless of whether they’re facing the camera, even if the shot just captures their lovely feet in some rather fabulous heels.

~ Pav