Snow White wedding inspiration

Snow White wedding inspiration |

Snow White wedding inspiration |

Last week you saw one of our recent models, Emma, channelling an eighties music video. This week she’s a little more fairytale.

You know that I love playing with props in photos, so when Geoff spotted this lovely red ceramic apple in the house where this shoot was done, we couldn’t resist having a little fun with it. I like to think of it as Snow White wedding inspiration, without the poisoning and evil witch of course…

Makeup by Poya Link Makeup Artistry, Hair by Di Vine Hair.

~ Pav

Sweet Dreams Are Made Of These

Sweet Dreams Are Made Of These |

Sometimes even the photographer can be surprised by how an image turns out! This photo was taken as we were setting up the lighting for a bridal makeup shoot. The idea was a nice bright background and soft light on the model’s face. Turns out the light was a bit bright and a bit close, but what should have been a throw-away picture instead turned into something quite special. I’d like to claim all the credit for this, but I think I have to yield to our model Emma’s tremendous bone-structure…!

Probably more eighties music video than bridal, what do you think? Makes me wonder what ever happened to the Eurythmics?

Makeup: Poya Link Makeup Artistry | Hair: Di Vine Hair

~ Geoff

Little Details

Bride with bouquet of silk flowers and feathers.

Bride with bouquet of silk flowers and feathers.

It’s amazing how much attention is given to the little details that make up a wedding. I adore the incorporation of feathers into this bridal bouquet by Lilyvale Flowers to make it just a little bit different.

This picture is another in the series from our recent styled shoot – a classic garden wedding.

~ Pav

P.S. The flowers Lilyvale uses are silk, and they’ve made me rethink my views on artificial flowers. They look lovely, last forever, and they weigh about a quarter as much as a bouquet of real flowers (a bonus when you’re carrying them around for hours). They’re certainly an option worth considering.