Barek Art Timelapse

One of the really exciting things about the move away from full-time professional photography has been the way it's prompted me to plan and create things without thinking about how I might be able to use them to encourage bookings. Now I'm doing work purely because I want to, which is liberating. It's also encouraging… Continue reading Barek Art Timelapse

Live in the sunshine

Live in the sunshine |

We live in a world filled with possibilities and opportunities. All we need to do is make the most of what's available to us. Live in the sunshine, Swim the sea, Drink the wild air's salubrity ― Ralph Waldo Emerson ~ Pav

Springing into Queensland Brides with a bit of creative licence

We're really pleased to have three pictures featured in the current issue of Queensland Brides. In their words “With their impeccable timing and keen eye for detail, our wedding photographers have a knack of capturing unforgettable moments. We love what happens when they get really creative, letting their imagination run free and turning moments into… Continue reading Springing into Queensland Brides with a bit of creative licence


It's not every day that you find Cleopatra wandering regally through the Brisbane night. As you know, a few weeks ago we went to Lost Movements to take photos of the Glory Box fashion parades. As an unexpected bonus, we also got to capture some of the gorgeous work of the night's resident body painters,… Continue reading Cleopatra

Puppy Dog Tales

King Charles Cavalier dog sitting on a sofa beside a book of baby names.

Sometimes when we do a photo shoot we get bonus subjects. This photo was taken during a maternity shoot (the book of baby names kind of gives it away). The lovely puppy wasn't scheduled to have a photo taken on her own, but she was posing so beautifully that Geoff obviously couldn't resist. ~ Pav

Shooting Star

photo of a beautiful yoga class, by Brisbane portrait photographer Shy Fox Photography

Being a portrait photographer is a great job on most days, but when it allows us to photograph a beautiful yoga class raising funds to support children in Nepal it's even better. The class was the vision of the beautiful Jasmine Yogini as a way to fundraise for her friend Mahesh and the 12 children… Continue reading Shooting Star

Songstress by lamplight

Songstress by lamplight |

A week ago we were lucky enough to meet the beautiful singer-songwriter Layla Klinkert at the Glory Box Relief on the Runway fashion show. Soft light and my love for darker pictures made for an opportunity too good to miss! ~ Geoff

Quiet Moments

I really love pictures that seem to capture a stolen moment. One of those points in time when it seems as though the people in the picture are in a world of their own, away from distractions like pesky photographers. ~ Pav P.S. Aren't her trousers fabulous!



The photos we've posted so far this year have been focused on gorgeous girls (and the occasional drain cover), so we thought it was time to add a bit of romance by featuring a lovely couple. And what better way to start than with this one. ~ Pav

Autumn Bunny

It's a few days before Easter and the shops are full of representations of bunnies and baby chickens, reminders that it's spring in the northern hemisphere. Meanwhile, in this part of the world we're heading into my favourite time of year. So my Easter bunny is an autumn bunny. She's much more grown-up and savvy… Continue reading Autumn Bunny


When we think of a portrait we often think of a picture which shows the subject's face pointing roughly in the direction of the camera. It might be part of a full length shot, or a close up of their head and shoulders. Is a picture really a portrait if you can't see the subject's… Continue reading Fragments


Last week I shared a picture of one of my favourite props - a pair of sparkly bunny ears. This week you get to see them in action. As I said last week, props can easily change the whole feeling of a picture. A wedding includes lots of props - the pretty dress, the bouquet, the… Continue reading Waiting


It can be funny how sometimes you don't fully take into account the little details when planning a shot. Like the fact that maintaining your balance on the shifting sands of an incoming tide can be tricky, even for a highly talented Body Balance Instructor like the gorgeous Lou from Relaxed Soul, Happy Mind. I… Continue reading Balance