Quick Picks – Week 20, 2013

Welcome to Friday! Here’s this week’s quick pick of internet finds. As usual, good things come in threes... Weddings ♥ I was really excited to discover Eco Brides, and Australian company devoted to providing (in their own words) "the tools needed for brides and grooms to create an ethical, sophisticated, eco-friendly wedding day". They produce… Continue reading Quick Picks – Week 20, 2013

Songstress by lamplight

Songstress by lamplight | www.shyfoxphotography.com.au

A week ago we were lucky enough to meet the beautiful singer-songwriter Layla Klinkert at the Glory Box Relief on the Runway fashion show. Soft light and my love for darker pictures made for an opportunity too good to miss! ~ Geoff

Little Details

Bride with bouquet of silk flowers and feathers. www.shyfoxphotography.com.au

It's amazing how much attention is given to the little details that make up a wedding. I adore the incorporation of feathers into this bridal bouquet by Lilyvale Flowers to make it just a little bit different. This picture is another in the series from our recent styled shoot - a classic garden wedding. ~… Continue reading Little Details

A new name

Exciting news! We're changing our name! Over the next week or so you'll see us move from Photographs by Pavlina Matt to Shy Fox Photography in the various places we occupy on the web. There will be no changes in what we do or how we do it, we'll just have far prettier branding. Hopefully… Continue reading A new name

Quiet Moments

I really love pictures that seem to capture a stolen moment. One of those points in time when it seems as though the people in the picture are in a world of their own, away from distractions like pesky photographers. ~ Pav P.S. Aren't her trousers fabulous!



The photos we've posted so far this year have been focused on gorgeous girls (and the occasional drain cover), so we thought it was time to add a bit of romance by featuring a lovely couple. And what better way to start than with this one. ~ Pav

Autumn Bunny

It's a few days before Easter and the shops are full of representations of bunnies and baby chickens, reminders that it's spring in the northern hemisphere. Meanwhile, in this part of the world we're heading into my favourite time of year. So my Easter bunny is an autumn bunny. She's much more grown-up and savvy… Continue reading Autumn Bunny


When we think of a portrait we often think of a picture which shows the subject's face pointing roughly in the direction of the camera. It might be part of a full length shot, or a close up of their head and shoulders. Is a picture really a portrait if you can't see the subject's… Continue reading Fragments


Last week I shared a picture of one of my favourite props - a pair of sparkly bunny ears. This week you get to see them in action. As I said last week, props can easily change the whole feeling of a picture. A wedding includes lots of props - the pretty dress, the bouquet, the… Continue reading Waiting


It can be funny how sometimes you don't fully take into account the little details when planning a shot. Like the fact that maintaining your balance on the shifting sands of an incoming tide can be tricky, even for a highly talented Body Balance Instructor like the gorgeous Lou from Relaxed Soul, Happy Mind. I… Continue reading Balance

Quick Picks

Here's this week's quick pick of internet finds. They do say that good things come in threes... Weddings ♥ The fabulous extra-ordinarily helpful introduction to planning a wedding for brides by UK illustrator/designer Veronica Dearly.      Via [Rock N Roll Bride]. ♥ A top tip from Lovely Little Details - use your bouquets as centrepieces. ♥… Continue reading Quick Picks

A prayer

I'm one of those people who has always loved to roam around cemeteries, reading inscriptions on headstones, and admiring the amazing sculptures that grace so many of the graves. This beautiful angel is in Toowong Cemetery. Pav

Inspiring Work – The Ballerina Project

Photographer Dane Shitagi has been taking the photographs that make up the Ballerina Project for the last 12 years. He takes dancers who are currently dancing or have danced for major companies and photographs them away from their ballet studios, in parks, on beaches and in urban environments, and the results are beautiful. You can check… Continue reading Inspiring Work – The Ballerina Project

Zebra glass

I spent most of today at my desk setting up the new look on my website (I'm so pleased with it!). A one stage I glanced down and noticed that the sun coming through my window was hitting my zebra paperweight just perfectly. It's amazing the effect the right lighting can have. ~ Pav


I have a very dear friend who's planning to move interstate soon. She seems to be happily immersing herself in images related to her soon to be new home, so I thought I'd contribute.

The perfect end to a weekend of adventure.

This weekend we decided to treat ourselves to a long, long weekend at the coast. We filled it with adventures – spotting the cute creatures at a wildlife sanctuary, visiting a regional art gallery, sailing, kayaking, and snorkelling. Then we finished it off with an amazingly indulgent morning of relaxation at Enrich Retreat and Day… Continue reading The perfect end to a weekend of adventure.

Featured Supplier.

Exciting news! I'm a featured supplier in The Knot Australia's weekly news update. The Knot are a great resource if you're planning your wedding. They have information on pretty much everything to do with weddings - dresses, planning tools, ideas, inspiration, photos, and of course wedding vendors. Although obviously you've already got your photographer sorted... They also have a… Continue reading Featured Supplier.


During a scouting trip to the location for an upcoming wedding we discovered a bonus feature of the resort - live bunnies trimming the lawns. I'm interested to see whether they appear during the ceremony!

Look up.

I'm forever being amazed by the things I can walk past every day and not notice. I didn't realise there were so many gems hidden in plain sight in the Queen Street Mall. All I had to do was look up.


The kitsune (fox) statues at Inari Shrines remain some of my favourite things in Japan. This one is at the Jorinji Shrine in Matsumoto. Worshippers often place hats and/or bibs on the statues as a sign of respect.