A garden in winter

This is our first "proper" winter in a long time. It's tempting to hide out inside, huddled beside the heater, but we've been brave and dragged ourselves out to explore. Recently we ventured to the Royal Tasmanian Botanical Gardens, one of my favourite places in Hobart, even during the chill of winter.

City Fragments – Melbourne

A few weeks ago we packed our bags and left sunny Brisbane for a long weekend in Melbourne. The sale airfares we had meant our baggage allowance was limited to hand luggage, which forced us to be selective about the camera kit we took. While I've moved away from the old days of wanting to carry… Continue reading City Fragments – Melbourne

Quick Picks – Featuring a sea of clouds, living sculptures, and notes in Berlin

I've been thinking about travel a bit lately, so this week's quick pick of internet finds highlights just some of the places on my wanderlust wish list. As usual, good things come in threes... ♥ The unkai terrace at the Hoshino Resorts Tomamu has just made my list of places to visit in Japan. It's… Continue reading Quick Picks – Featuring a sea of clouds, living sculptures, and notes in Berlin

Merry Christmas Everyone

Today's picture post has a festive theme! Throughout the latter half of December Brisbane's City Hall is hosting a spectacular projected light show based on The Nutracker. It's really worth seeing with your own eyes, but for now I'll leave you with this highlight! We'll be taking a break over Christmas, so I'll return on… Continue reading Merry Christmas Everyone

Brisbane’s most stoic residents

Brisbane Citycat and Pelican Sculpture

Although Brisbane supports many bright, colourful characters, if you look closely there's always room for quiet ones watching the world pass by without drawing attention to themselves. It's easy to miss these two, who live near the Maritime Museum come rain or shine, I like to think that the weather doesn't get them down, despite… Continue reading Brisbane’s most stoic residents